Pricing As Flexible As
You Are

We don’t lock you into expensive contracts. Instead we charge a 2% commission for online payments.

*Please note, between March 2020 - 31st December 2020, we are waiving all fees due to Covid in an effort to support our customers*

Pricing as Flexible as You Are

ClassFit’s pricing is different from our competitors, by design. For a start, we don’t believe in withholding features, charging high monthly fees or locking you into contracts.

Our pricing is linked to payments. For payments in person, then it’s a simple $15 a month. If you choose to take online payments, then there’s no monthly fee and we take just 2% of your online transactions, capped at $100 per month.

Offline Payments


per month

Online Payments


of all online transactions, capped
at $100 per month

See how much you would pay here:


Set the slider according to how much revenue you take in online payments every month

per month

Pricing That’s Pandemic Proof

ClassFit’s pricing was designed to be incredibly flexible so it ebbs and flows with your business. When you take online payments with us, there’s no minimum fees, so if you have a quiet month, you’ll pay less. This also works if you need to pause your classes completely – if you don’t take any money one month, you won’t pay us a cent.

Our pricing is also great if you have a busy month. We cap our fees at $100 USD a month, so even if you take $20,000 in revenue – you’ll never pay us more than $100 per month.

Best of all, if you choose online payments, there are no invoices at the end of the month (our fees taken at source) and there are never any set-up costs or contracts to lock you in. Cancel at any time and try us risk-free.

Proud to Partner with Stripe

We’re proud to partner with Stripe, who are not only incredibly secure but also offer some of the lowest payment processing fees in the market.

For the US, Stripe’s fees are 2.9% + 30c for each transaction. You can read more about Stripe’s fees here.