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How to create a knowledge base page


Once you’ve logged into the WordPress back end of, click on Knowledge Base as highlighted below.

Then duplicate the knowledge base template as pictured below.

Then click on Quick Edit, and create a new title for the page, slug and tags so people can search for many variations of the keywords.

Pro-tip: The slug can’t include spaces so use hyphens instead.

Then go back to the dashboard and click on Edit on the page you want to work on.

Then use the template structure to create your knowledge base article as below.

Remember to use as many screenshots as possible, making everything super clear to the reader, and highlighting buttons etc with red rectangles where appropriate. You can do this by clicking on the Add Media button at the top of the article.


Pro Tip: Remember to choose the appropriate resolution for the image when adding it (as below).


When you’re happy that the page includes everything that it needs to clearly explain the topic to the customer you will want to preview it. You can do that by clicking the preview button as below. Then if once you are happy with the article, click Publish.

Finally, send the link to Dan for review. Ideally via Tick Tick so he can review in batches.

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